You Dream It We’ll Theme It!

By Curtis Roberson


The concept of vision can mean many things to different people, it can encompass thoughts and concepts both from the past and peer deep into the distant future.

To us it represents creativity, originality, dedication to a project, the ability to breathe life into your dreams, and to bring them out of your head and into the realms of reality.

From the inscriptions on the walls of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan temples of South America, the Native Indians of North America, the Eskimo’s of The Cold Barren Wastelands of Alaska, the indigenous Aborigines of the Outback’s of Australia, Individuals wrote down on walls or on animal skins and other medium their thoughts and intentions, both past, the present, and what they conceived to be their future. Today some thousands of years later, Egyptologists, historians and other scholars try to interpret these visions to us to bring to life the lives of these people and their unique stories.

Today; nothing much has changed except the way we communicate our ideas and bring to life their interpretation.

Your input, ideas and engagements are invaluable to our team and our business. Thank you for your support and encouragement – we remain focused on the power of your dreams , and committed to weave together seamlessly all your thoughts and ideas, and to make them available to many people. So stay focused, connected and loyal to your cause.

As we prepare for the new year ahead, all of us here wish that this year will be both productive and positive.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can bring life to your story.


Hello world!

Who is most affected by the current Sour Economic Stiuation?

I’m sure even before  I do the research this question is already quite obvious.  It is also just a part of the everyday struggles,  to cope with this situation amid rising gasoline and food prices.  Where does the poor and economically disadvantaged go for help to cope with these mounting problems?  Amid ever shrinking resources, it is becoming apparent that the left behind is getting further and further away from the safety net of being rescued from the rising tides of despair.  In my future columns, I intend to address some of the social concerns and what could possibly be some viable solutions.  So stay tuned and keep you ears and eyes open.